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Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

Hino Bebas Biaya Perawatan dan Suku Cadang Setahun!

I am sure that all Hino Customers are waiting for this great moment.  Today, I am pleased to announce our new after sales service program of Free Service Program (FSP) or free service package for service until 60.000 km or a year. The program covers spare parts replacement, lubricants and maintenance on a free ofcharge bases.

This program applies to the purchase of vehiclesstarting from 1st July  2013 at Hino authorized Dealers.

There are many advantages which could be obtained from this programThe customer's vehicle will bemaintained by our skillfully trained staff to optimizethe vehicle's performance and increase its resale value.Furthermore, FSP will definitely contribute to downtime minimizing and customers could focusfurther on their business.

I sincerely hope that Hino customers can enjoyadvantage from this free service program.

I firmly believe that Hino trucks and buses could minimize down time in operation and then Hino customers business would be more and more profitable

Finally, may you always be prosperous ......... Thank You

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